Project Management


Edit Your Tasks according to your Needs

ODOO has a real-time project management, with which your team can work wonderfully in the execution of all project tasks. Keep track of all aspects of your projects, from the project overview to the smallest detail and the customer contract to invoicing.


ODOO adapts to Your Process Flows

Organize your projects related to your workflow. Work on project tasks by using the Kanban view, schedule tasks with Gantt charts and check deadlines in calendar view. Each project can be divided in the individual phases, and so allow the whole team to optimize work processes.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Kanban View

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Gantt Charts

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Calendar View


Easy to use

Organize your workflow as fast as never before! The easy to understand interface is intuitive and each click adds to your productive, well-organized workflow.

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Collaboration -Real-time Chats, Document Sharing, E-mail Integration

Use the Open Chatter tool to chat with your team or your customers and integrate comments in documents that are associated with tasks.

Use the live chat function to communicate with other users or customers to specific projects.


Cooperation in the Creation of Documents -The benefits of "Etherpad" within your tasks

Edit the same data or meetings with other users directly within the application. The built-in "Etherpad function" allows you that several people work simultaneously on the same task.

This is highly effective, especially for short-term meetings or complex specifications. Each user is assigned a color and you can go through the entire content.

Take Care of Open Tasks

Receive notifications of subscribed events to stay up to date to be. Use green / red as a visual aid to see which tasks are still open or already completed.

Working Time Accounts, Contracts, Invoices

Projects are automatically linked to customer contracts. So it is easily possible to create invoices based on time, material costs and working time accounts.

Keep Track -Support, Counseling, Bug Tracking u. V. M.

Filter to this targeted and edit schedule to individual tasks out which are due in a project. Integrate customer contacts in each task, so as to obtain accurate reports on the effectiveness of your team.